Is death the end of existence? Or is the end of existence when there is no memory of you left?

From the days of the pyramids to the modern era there has been a consistent and often sizeable attempt to preserve the egotistical sacred existence of oneself through ceremony and artifact.

In an era where everything and anything is stored on the the internet how can anyone be forgotten? How can anyone truly die when trace memories of them forever lie entangled in the web. This idea was the inspiration for my project

If the internet is the grand tomb of modern times how could I manifest the collection of my online existence into a cohesive piece while preserving aspects of the historically eerie fog surrounding death.

To achieve this I started by designing a typeface that functions as modern hieroglyphics. I then combined and converted the content from my facebook profile and google search results into my hieroglyphic font to adorn my pink tomb.

These internet traces of my existence will be left over after my death. 

This project highlights the absurdity of our elaborate traditions aligned with an individual's passing with the modern traces of a persons existence in the form of ghost facebook profiles.