Degree Project Proposal

My Opinion

The time we live in now is unprecedented, most of the world believes that the best systems of government are ones dictated and chosen “by the people for the people”. Think about how incredible it is that most of the human population believes that really the only legitimate humane governmental system is a Democratic one. “put it to a vote” “majority rules”. Though there are systems where it isn’t the case, but at the very least  to count as a civilized society the governed need to feel that their opinion is accounted for. Though Monarchy still exists in some places, the overall world is moving into a direction where Democracy is considered the most just system of government. This is a result of not only the United states setting a model for a new type of society which by now most developed nations have caught up to, but the invention of the internet allows people easy access to the opinions of everyone

In the United States, though our system is corrupt, we have a democracy that is supposed to work in the interests of our population, but for too long we the people have been left out of our own system. We the people are supposed to oversee the actions and intentions of our government. Through hundreds of years of practice, the checks and balances that are supposed to keep corruption out of the sphere of government have been demolished with loopholes. The power of the executive branch (the president) is over extending its boundaries. 

More and more our government hides its actions, not in the interest of the population but in order to override public opinion and create corrupt systems that will not be voted upon by the people. It is only in the government’s own interest to keep these actions from the people, because if these policies went to be voted upon by the people its would most likely be unpopular. (ex. NSA collection of information Edward Snowden documents, Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade agreement wikileaked) Out of frustration with these phenomena has grown groups like Anonymous (online activists) and Wikileaks, as well as many whistleblowers who are now being heavily targeted by the Obama administration.  

The electorate has been left out of the conversation for far too long. We all sense that something is wrong, even though it is impossible to explain in an elevator pitch format. It is also not simply a "Republican or Democrat" problem – across parties we are fed up. The people know that their interests aren’t treated with the respect citizens of this nation deserve. These frustrations came to a head after the financial crash of 2008 and have permeated american culture since. The dissatisfaction of the american people has been evident in the countless protests we have participated in, Anonymous, 99%, internet freedoms, ferguson, environmental activism, women’s rights, civil rights, standardized testing, marijuana legalization, abortion. All of these are deep seeded problems that can’t be solved by just a protest, or by continuing to ignore them. We need systematic change which has been called  for years.

We’re getting better every day. The internet has opened up worlds of information for people, like never before we are educated and have opinions on matters that don’t directly affect us. But our governmental system was designed for the age of the postal services. It used to take months to find out the results of an election, but now we know the results instantly. Why if we can access election results immediately are we only asked to vote once a year– and only to make a significant choice once every four years. With the immediacy of the polls why can’t we be making our own choices instead of relying on corrupt individuals to make our choices for us.

My Interest

I became a graphic designer not because I found kerning exciting, not because I’m in love with my computer, but because of it’s democratic nature. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an artist. I’ve wanted to be at RISD since I was in fifth grade. But I never was really truly able to find my place in the art world. The idea of working long hours to have my work featured in a white box gallery destroyed me. I felt as though I could only affect and reach a small community of art enthusiasts. This led me to become a printmaker, I loved the multiple. I loved knowing that I could sell my work to more than one individual and allow my work to live in many contexts. During my days as a printmaker living in Baltimore I watched as my peers protested wall street and camped out downtown with signs. 

I realized yet again that I didn’t belong, I didn't know much about the world at the time and I felt I was in the wrong place to learn about what I want. I needed to know more.Trying to get a handle on my position in the world I came to RISD as a graphic design major with the intent of creating change in the world. Graphic design appealed to me because it was even more democratic than printmaking. I am angry that the world I was brought into was claiming democracy and freedom, but from what I've seen in this post 9/11  United states has not been pretty.

I have a lot of opinions and I feel like I need a platform to express them. I know many of my peers feel exactly the way I do and nobody is telling us the truth. 21 year olds are internet citizens, we cannot remember life without it. I have spent my whole life reading and understanding all sides of a situation before acting upon it. We are all are too smart to put up with advertisements and political leaning in news. 

The Project

For my degree project I intend to make commentary on the political practices of the United states through the format of an election. I will be running for president of the united states as two versions of myself.   

I’ll run as Brielle Curvey, open and honest to a fault, giving almost too much insight into her life. Though her flaws are obvious her strength is in her idealism and willingness for change. (which is why we elected president Obama but we have been massively disappointed. He’s done some good and some bad overall a fine president, but not the radical change we were hoping for) Though she’s hungry for change she wants to run a completely transparent campaign. Tell everyone her flaws, but it’s not about her, its about the people and democracy.  

I’ll run as Barbara Adams, the name taken from a spoof show called “whoops apocalypse”. The Adams, represents our past which I believe needs a rude awakening to the ways in which we need to change. Barbara Adams is loosely based on Hilary Clinton. She is liberal at heart but is so jaded by the political system that her opinions have been neutered down and become almost meaningless. She is so frustrated by this system but is so determined to get the presidency she’ll put up with the political bullshit a little longer if it means having the ability to change the world for the better. The same open and honest facts about Brielle are true of Barbara but they become scandalized and deter people from her political views. This comments on the phenomena of a highly sensationalized mainstream media conglomerate who's interests do not lie in the education of the public. 

Through this project I intend to take stances on many issues in current events, and follow the election process closely as I poke fun at the process of electing a human being to office. 


Direct Democracy Application

The system of government we have in place is designed for print not the internet age. Why if we have instant access to everyone’s data are we not representing the people’s needs and wants in government?  In Brielle’s Campaign I intend to use this app as a running platform, allowing the people of the united states to vote on my  every decision instantly. My run for presidency becomes about the People becoming more active in politics, overriding the corrupt system we have in place. 


Campaign Materials

This I’ve already started, I intend to make campaign materials for each candidate showing the difference between honesty and passion about ideals, and the standard cookie cutter campaign. Lawn signs, commercials, buttons, logos, etc. 



I plan on writing and acting out mach debates with myself, using material from past debated and highlighting the absurdity. Also I want to comment on the debates themselves as a concept. The Bipartisan nature of the debates causes the subjects to be neutral. Nobody brings up problems that were created by BOTH parties. Thusly, keeping the public ignorant to the mistakes our elected officials are making. We need to highlight the negative aspects of politics so that we can create honest change. 


Opinion Pieces

The last thing I plan on making are opinion pieces. I intend to state my opinions through the use of comedy, writing, and straight up graphic design. Using the language of satire I intend to make work that expresses my sentiments on certain issues.