Poetry is a natural enemy to censorship. For ages human populations have utilized the tool of the poem to subvert the power of a dominating force who tries to censor the words we do and do not use. China for instance has very invasive censorship happening in a very blatant way in the form of the great firewall. Without the protection of free speech the methods of communicating alternative content are targeted. 

I have written poetry through a chance operation (detailed in the newspaper) by combining things I had written personally with text taken directly out of news headlines. This is the first issue which surrounds the issues of the years 2012—2013 Issue #2 will be released in the fall of 2015

How can we tell what is fact and what is poetry? I argue that nothing is objective and in the case of the mainstream media this has become more obvious to the american public. We are bombarded by large headlines that are sold to us as facts, headlines however, are not the whole story. We must dig deeper to get a greater understanding of where roots of the problems we face lie. Since headlines are not facts, why can't they be poetry? The combinations of these headlines with moments from my daily life give the reader a swift zoom from the microcosm of the individual to the macrocosm of all people affected by these headlines.