American Extremism

The United States government has without question been corrupted for years. The world watched as its people became complacent while its candidates became corporate advocates and ignored the needs of its population. With failing infrastructure and un-livable wages for a large portion of the american population we’ve finally seen the people of the united states begin to desire a dismantling of the systems that allowed this to happen. There are now candidates cropping up with a lust for taking down the greed of politicians. But The rest of the world is watching in fear as these americans settle into american extremism. 

The media has been busy rubbernecking Trump’s campaign while he dominates the extremest right support. While Trump boasts some leftist values, his personality hits a conservative nerve. He epitomizes the traditional “american dream”.  His management style has gone largely uncriticized because of his financial influence on the media (both in ratings and in donation). The rest of republican candidates have made valiant efforts to seem more conservative than one another in order to pander to religious extremists which populate many of the midwestern and southern states.

What Bernie Sanders lacks in media coverage, he makes up for in crowd size. Bernie Sanders has gone completely under the media radar while still drawing record sized crowds to every single campaign event. He also is largely drawing crowds of revolutionaries, protesters, anarchists, environmentalists, artists, millennials, and intellectuals. There are huge numbers of Democrats who are untrusting of Hilary Clinton, and get similar pleasure from Bernie’s honesty that the republicans receive from Donald Trump. 

On both sides of the political spectrum there has been pull further from center. And this phenomena can largely be blamed on the way primaries are run in this country. Primaries excel at polarizing views by pandering to those americans who are already committed to a partisan way of voting. Candidates that appeal to conservative republicans in the primaries, will not necessarily attract moderate republicans in thegeneral election. And the same concepts apply to Democrats.  As a nation we need to recognize this behavior and remind our politicians that spending over a year on primary elections is dangerous to the psychological wellbeing of our nation. Pandering to Extremism in early electoral politics benefits who?