Toasty talks is a student run intimate weekly gathering where selected individuals from RISD and Brown are invited to come and discuss a hot topic or issues of great interest. Through this project I wanted to fill what I feel is a huge void in design education. We spend much of our time in class critique delving into the formal qualities of our work. But when someone creates work that has moral & ethical implications we do not spend our class-time delving into the impact graphic design has on the environment, sexism, racism etc. I allowed guests to pick topics on which their art & design practice is centered and used this space as a way for that individual to gather research on the experiences of their peers. We provide space for free thinking and meaningful interactions. During these nights, we always serve toast as a means of communal sharing.

Done in collaboration with Hayon Shin


Testimonial About Brielle from Hayon Shin

Brielle approaches Graphic Design from a no-bullshit standpoint and always challenges herself to go through a ‘making’ process that requires a element of peculiarity. She comes to the world of design with a desire to explore not only herself and what she is capable of, but to understand the world better and by doing so, affect it in positive ways. Always the one unwilling to bend to popular opinion she certainly has a knack for disruption, and it is this desire to create a stir that stands her apart from what is expected of our generation. 

Harnessing the power of introversion, Brielle has developed an ability to keenly observe and reflect on the world around her. She is very attuned and responsive towards the different influences and issues in society and it is because of this insightfulness that I believe I have been so drawn towards her. It began with small conversations which eventually progressed into systematic debates of reflection and a desire to act. I find that its rare in this life to find someone who collaborates in a way that not only builds on your own ways of thinking, but activates you to act upon those ideas.